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Never been for a portrait session before? Don’t know what to expect?

I can help! I know that anything new and unfamiliar can be daunting – and if you have children…sometimes filled with apprehension! Well, I am here to tell you all about it and hopefully make you feel more familiar with us and more relaxed and confident about your portrait session experience.



If you love gorgeous portraits, enjoy having personalised service and love the idea of decorating your home with custom photographs of your family, we might just be a great fit for you.

When you call we will have a chat with you about what you are looking for to make your portraits just what you want, your idea’s for your session, the products and services that we offer and our pricing. My aim is to create portraits you will love and I want you to be happy, nope, over the moon with all that we do. Having a quick chat on the phone allows us both to get to know one another a little bit more and to decide if together we can create that “something special” for your family.



Once you have made your session booking, we have our Pre-Session Consultation to establish exactly what your ideal portrait is. It may be an outdoor Family Session with all the grandparents, brothers , sisters and grandchildren – maybe it’s a newborn session that you would like to have your older child involved in. Every family is different – there is no, one size fits all – discovering your likes and dislikes, learning about you and your family is an important part of the planning process. Every day, we work with babies and children and, just like you, we know that with kids, some days can be more challenging than others! Having years of experience photographing children has given me some tips, tricks and advice that will help ensure that your kids are happy, relaxed and engaged during their portrait session.

I want your portraits to be displayed proudly in your home for many years to come! During the design process, we discuss the colour palette of your home, the style’s you prefer, the type of display you may be thinking of and offer advice on sizing and placement of your portraits. While your final decisions won’t be made until you see your finished portraits, having display idea’s in mind will help. From there we can work towards creating and styling custom sets that will work beautifully with your home decor. For our in studio sessions, our large range of props, backdrops, outfits, hats and wraps are available for use. You are also welcome to bring along an item that has special significance for your family to incorporate into your session.

Clothing choices and colours – can have a big impact on the look and feel of your portraits, particularly for Family Portraits. Our “What to Wear”Guide has some great advice and our Pinterest Board might fill you with inspiration!  Ultimately, we both want the same thing – gorgeous photos of your family. Working together and exchanging idea’s is how we make it happen.

Your Pre-Session Consultation can be done over the telephone or in person here at the studio where you can see and touch our range of gorgeous products – whichever suits you best.



Happy and relaxed makes for great portraits! Particularly with children, but adults too need a chance to get to know me. Often the first 10 minutes or so is used to establish a rapport with the people I haven’t met yet and allow them a chance to feel comfortable around me. With kids, I know that I have to work in short bursts, give them a break, take some time out to play…parents will usually need a little break too. Patience is the key. So we do 10 minutes or so, give everyone a break while I change sets and outfits do another 10 minutes or so, then it might me time to give the kids a snack or the baby may need a feed. I never rush, and certainly there is no pressure. With kids and families it’s all about fun, with our newborn babies, it’s all about the sweet serenity and emotion, and our Theme Days are about creating the perfect atmosphere. The emphasis here is on a relaxed, calm and happy environment that makes our clients feel great and results in gorgeous photos that show off their personality and emotions.

From a technical perspective, my roots are in classical portraiture…with a little twist of my own on it. A good rapport with my subject, beautiful studio lighting and classic posing means the difference between “nice photo” and “gorgeous artwork”.  Many of our new mum’s that are coming to see us within days of giving birth, sometimes feel concerned that they are still carrying a little bit more around the tummy and the face. I’m a girl and I understand. A well posed portrait draws us to the hands and face of our parents and their new baby and our lighting patterns combined with good posing will be complimentary to our new mum’s and our  also out maternity clients. Lighting plays a major role in setting the mood of a portrait, from soft and dreamy to bright and fun to dramatic and powerful.

Depending on the type of session you have, several different lighting patterns may be used to create the look and feel that we are aiming for. Most regular sessions will have at least 2 changes of backdrop and set and 2-3 changes of outfit. The time required for each session depends on the type of portrait session you have. You can find out more on our Investment page.



When your session is complete, your images go through our Post Production stage. This is where I select the very best of the poses and give them the perfect amount of re-touching to present to you at your Viewing and Ordering appointment.  Murphy’s Law states that the day of your portrait session you are bound to come up with a giant glowing red pimple – am I right? Or maybe your new baby has scratched herself just on her cheek there…or your toddler has a bump on the head. Nine times out of ten, my lighting will help with these things and if we need to tidy things up a little more, I will take care of that when re-touching. The best re-touching is when it is not noticeable, the last thing I want is your portraits screaming “Photoshopped!!!” Photoshop is not about correcting bad images but for enhancing good ones. Your portraits will be beautifully enhanced by the techniques used in my process. Re-touching takes about 5 days to complete. Once done we will contact you to invite you back to the studio to view your finished portraits here on our large screen. This is when you will make your decision on the Wall Portraits and Prints that you will display in your home.



As soon as your order has been confirmed in the Viewing and Ordering appointment, it will go to production for preparation to send to our lab. Our turnaround time is 4 weeks for completion at which time we will call you to make an appointment to come in and collect your portraits. This might just be my favourite part of the process. As beautiful as the photos are on the computer screen, nothing compares to seeing the finished mounted and printed artworks. I love the emotion that my clients express on seeing their finished portraits for the first time – it is not unusual for both of us to have a few tears.

Go home and display these gorgeous memories in your home. Look at them every day and let your heart do that little leap thingy that makes your breath catch. This is your story. Your family as it is, right now, at this moment…and you have it forever.


Telephone - 0419 411588



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