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About Alicia

Hi there and welcome aboard!

Whenever I read “About Me” pages, they seem to be full of the same old thing – perfect everything! Which is great, I guess…I can’t say I know because life sure has it’s moments at times around here! There are days I wish for perfect but most days I will happily take the weird and wonderful that makes up my life. Maybe I am ever so slightly odd or I have a tendency to be a little more que sera about life and the ups and downs that go with it, so without further ado, here goes – my completely un-sanitised, no fairy floss, real “About Me”!

PS – If you prefer the Official Bio, you can read that right here.

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Ever have one of those moments and think “this could only happen to me?”  well, that’s me. If someone is going to be the person whose handbag ends up on fire – yep, that’s me. Usually I find that when those things happen they are so ridiculously absurd that they become the moments for hysterical laughter and they are stories that my friends still bring up and we laugh over, years down the track.

So what am I all about? Let’s start with coffee. Nothing happens until there has been coffee! Not just the instant kind either – I must have a cappuccino by 9am, every single day to get things going. Without it I become a rabid beast and will set out on a wild crusade to find and consume coffee…people ask me why I have 2 cappuccino machines in my kitchen. Just in case one breaks down!

Cricket is my favourite sport and I adore the Australian Cricket Team. 5 days of a Test? No problem! I can park myself in front of the screen, watch every Test, every One Dayer, every 20/20 and still crave more! One day I am going to play for Australia – I am sure I would be an awesome middle order batsman 🙂

From when I was a small child, music has been in my blood. I trained in singing, piano, guiter and ballet and have performed on stage many times. One of my favourite expressions is “the show must go on” so even if your costume is falling off (this has happened to me) your amplifier has developed a gremlin and is working sporadically (yep, this too) or the baby you are photographing just will. not. sleep …suck it up, put a smile on your face – the show must go on. Always. My favourite music is hard rock – think Guns and Roses, Metallica, Foo Fighters…but I also like Fleetwood Mac, Queen, The Doors and classical music.

Horses too have been a constant in my life since I was very small. In fact it was through horses that I found my way to becoming a newborn and children’s portrait photographer. I showed my horses for many years and I had always had a camera. Way back when, in the olden days of film camera’s and waiting days to have your film processed, there was only a few horse photographers in Australia and it was difficult to get beautiful photographs of your horse, I usually had to wait for Sydney Royal to get some.

My lovely horse "Hawkesbury" and I competing at Sydney Royal in 2005. Thank you to Lorelle Mercer Photography.

My lovely horse “Hawkesbury” and I competing at Sydney Royal in 2005. Thank you to Lorelle Mercer Photography.

At a show one day in about 1996, I decided to photograph my friends horses…and those photographs were sort of ok. I wanted them to be GORGEOUS, just like Julie Wilson’s who was, and still is the premier horse photographer in Australia. I did some practice, studied Julies’ photo’s, practiced, practiced, practiced. This was the beginning of my photography career. I went on to photograph major horse shows and events across Australia and New Zealand, was the official photographer for 2 national magazines and, quite possibly the highlight of it all, I became friends with Julie Wilson the woman who had inspired me way back in the beginning.

My passion is my people. My friends, family and every one of our client family that comes through the door. Making the people in my life happy makes me happy and as many will tell you, it’s not unusual for me to get teary over our babies and kids here in the studio…there are times when the simple beauty of those children and babies just makes my heart swell with love, gratitude and happiness. I don’t have children of my own – I am a much better part time Aunt than I would be full time Mum, but I can guarantee you that every single one of our kids and babies that come here, take a little piece of my heart with them when they go. The best part is the babies and kids that have been coming since I started nearly 5 years ago, watching them grow, knowing their personalities and having them know and remember me is too special for words.

Then there is the Mum’s and Dad’s that bring their kids in. So many of our clients have been coming forever and are a huge part of my extended family. When I started my portrait studio, I had no idea how much and how important to my life, my clients would become. The relationships we have formed, watching young families add more babies and seeing them grow up is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. And I am forever grateful.



Nine Random Facts About Me.

  • My nickname is Flossy Fewclothes – Floss, for short 🙂 My Dad called me that when I was a baby and was still calling me “Floss” right up until  he died in 2013. Please call me Floss – I love it!
  • Beautiful things are my undoing, I adore pretty. Chandeliers, frilly, lacy, velvety, china tea cups, sweet smelling flowers, oh swoooooon.
  • My favourite perfume is Hypnotic Poison…this week.
  • I love to chat and laugh with people for hours (some of you know this very well…) but I like lots of time on my own in complete silence.
  • Digging my eyes out with a hot teaspoon would be preferable to cooking. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. COOKING!
  • When I grow up I would like to be an author.  Maybe a completely inappropriate advice column – “Ask Aunty A”…oh dear me, I hate to think how that could end up!
  • Milk must be used one day before the use by date.
  • My cat’s name is “The Poose” and I am here to open and close doors, get her food and pat her when she feels like it. At all other times, she refers to me as “The Annoying Human that Wants to Cuddle Me”.
  • Antiques and old things are my not so secret addiction, I love old stuff. One day I would love to have a gorgeous old sandstone or weatherboard cottage full of gorgeous, useless, cobwebby old things. I intend to be one of them 🙂



What made me become a photographer?

On the wall in my Grandparents home is the most beautiful large, framed portrait of my Mum. She would have been about 19 at the time. It is a studio portrait done by Kennedy’s of Mayfield (in Newcastle), Mum is wearing a dress that is fitted to the waist and has the most flouncy, princessy full skirt, about mid calf length. The photographer has her sitting on a bench and the dress is displayed out around her – it has soft folds and curves and it looks to my four or five year old eyes to be about 10 feet wide, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen…and there she is. My Mum. Simply beautiful.

To this day, I love that photograph. I love that it has been on that wall for the best part of 60 years and I love how I think about what my Mum must have been like before I was even thought of. That photo always felt so important to me…a moment of beauty – a fun, carefree, young woman, a memory of day’s gone by. It makes my heart swell with emotion and as the years pass, that photo of my Mum becomes more valuable to me with every day that goes by.

That emotion is one I love to have my clients feel when they see their own portraits in their homes.



The World According to Alicia.


  • Treat people with love and respect and you will receive the same in return.
  • I am not right for everyone in this world, but those I am right for – I am really right for.
  • Be grateful and be humble.
  • Not everyone that meets me will like me…and vice versa. And that’s OK.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, have a giggle about your quirks and foibles.
  • Accept the bad times with grace and humility.
  • Be inappropriate at times…the world is so politically correct these days.
  • Say “booger” more often.
  • If you are in a game of tug-o-war, sometimes the best thing you can do is to drop the rope and walk away with dignity.
  • Be better today than you were yesterday
  • Whenever the opportunity presents itself, laugh til you cry.



If you have read all the way to the end – well done! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my not so tidy, but really, really honest About Me page! If you have any comments please leave them below.



A xx


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  • Wendy Wightman - Hi Alicia, love your work and your attitude!

    Hoping you’re based in Sydney… I had my third child last year just after I lost my mum (I can relate to a parent loss in 2013) and have never had her professionally photographed besides in the hospital at 3 days old.

    I have always admired the “Anne Geddes” style and newborn style photo’s like yours but I think I may have missed the boat. She turns one in two weeks.

    I’d love to hear from you on your availability in next coming weeks and prices.

    If you’d prefer that I call you to discuss this, please let me know a time that suits you.



    Ph: xxxx xxx xxxReplyCancel

    • Alicia Birch - Thank you so much Wendy – I appreciate your kind words! I will give you a call shortly 🙂ReplyCancel

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